How Does SunBridge 3-GEN Planning Work?



The plan that emerges from the SunBridge 3-GEN Planning process is a shared, collaborative plan, built by the family working together with their trusted advisors. Not everyone gets everything they want, but they all have a voice and a place at the table.


Since everyone has a say, everyone buys in and takes ownership. Everyone then takes responsibility for making it work, not only for their generation but for generations to come. No more “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves.”



As a SunBridge 3-GEN Planner, you connect with your clients’ children and grandchildren naturally and organically during these planning experiences. They know you and trust you, so of course they will turn to you for advice and counsel when their parent or grandparent passes on. Unlike 98% of your peers, you will not lose the business when the patriarch dies. This will secure the long-term value of your business.


SunBridge, the national leader in 3-GEN Planning, is uniquely qualified to help you add this exclusive planning methodology to your professional service offering. As a member of the SunBridge Network, you will experience our powerful and time-tested“TRAINING – TOOLS– SUPPORT” approach to equipping professional planners and advisors for this amazing journey of becoming a SunBridge 3-GEN Planner.


Since 1999, we’ve been showing professional advisors how to address the WHOLENESS of their clients’ wealth, not just their money. We provide SunBridge Network members with a wide array of resources, including our latest graphic and conceptual image, “The Thriving 3-GEN Family.” This exclusive proprietary tool will help you, your clients, and your colleagues “get” what 3-GEN Planning is all about.



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