We would like to share with you comments made by people who have participated in our network and/or workshop. We hope these illustrate how SunBridge has helped them create greater value for themselves and their clients, and how it can also help you.


Listen as Scott Rassler, a well-seasoned financial advisor and SunBridge Network Member, talks about his SunBridge experience.



"If you are already doing everything perfect and engaging every new prospect, then don’t attend. Otherwise… ATTEND!" Joe C., California


"Should you attend? I say, “Go, it’s well worth it!” Marc S., Florida

 As we travel life's pathways we can count ourselves as lucky if we, by chance, meet someone like Scott. He brought about an awareness in me that has changed the way I think from that moment onward. Walk all around something and study it from each perspective and you'll begin to see how Scott approaches life. If you have an opportunity to study with him, seize upon it, as it is a gift that has been given to you." James H., Ohio

"Dear Scott (Legacy Coach Extraordinaire), Thank you so much for encouraging me to attend the Retreat. It put an even bigger new spring in my step! I’m interviewing my mom this weekend and am on a mission! I bought Double Your Sales and Like a Library Burning on Amazon.com and can’t get enough. Thanks for your inspiration and wisdom. Your fan," Lori D., Florida

"The workshop was wonderful. You have us all inspired. My organization is having a gathering of donors this afternoon, and I am going to try one idea from your presentation. Many thanks!" Helen B., Washington

“Thank you for creating this powerful experience! I returned home with a renewed awareness of my individual significance and the confidence to guide my clients to a place of greater abundance and purpose. I can envision many ways to use these tools not only in our practice but in making a real difference in our community. By employing these skills, I am now having conversations on a much deeper level. I know this will change the way we serve our clients.” John B., Georgia

"By all means you should attend this workshop. The interaction with the participants creates a wealth of shared wisdom and experience. As always, Scott’s tools are wonderful and will allow me to accomplish things that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. John H., Utah

"The first client that I did a Priceless Conversation with passed peacefully at hospice last night leaving behind a 9 year old daughter and a wonderful circle of friends. I had the privilege of working with Christine over the past year to ensure that her daughter would be taken care of and that everything would transition smoothly. I am so pleased to be able to deliver the Priceless Conversation to her daughter after the funeral. I know that it will be a cherished gift and leave a lifelong legacy that will help fill the void that has been created by the loss.


Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool for advisors."  Jodi M., Florida

"Scott, a follow up "thank you" for an energizing and informative conference. The exposure to fellow professionals and the tools you shared and reviewed with us certainly add a different dimension to the professional legacy (relationship/stewardship) process. I shall remain in touch and look forward to future activity. " Michael P., Florida

"Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and tools with us this week. I am so looking forward to creating opportunities to employ my new skills while also working on the CLA designation. " Jane A., California

"I just want to advise my professional colleagues that, in my opinion, it has been a long time since I have seen a program of such merit and substance. The SunBridge Retreat was well organized, very thoughtful, and provided an overwhelming number of client tools that were actually ready to use with your clients!" John H., Oklahoma

"The “Angels & Heroes” segment just blew me away. I came up with ten different ways to use that in my practice. If you're like me, if you come to this workshop you will likely leave having had several “A-HA’s” relating to improving your personal and professional life that you can immediately take action on." Yale L., New Jersey


"The SunBridge Retreat is a wonderful professional and personal experience. The program brings together the tools and processes for capturing my clients’ stories and wisdom. I now am able to discuss with my clients how they can create their Living Legacy." Chris M., Wisconsin

"The Retreat delivered even more than I expected. It was presented in the same top-quality manner as all your SunBridge programs and then added all the tools anyone would need to realize the vision. It is hard to imagine anything but success in implementing these ideas with clients and prospects. These tools combined with your dedication to my success give me all the confidence I need to dive headlong into that Blue Ocean!" Rick H., Pennsylvania

“For years I've helped clients with their estate planning, but the focus has usually been on money and taxes. Rarely did a client show any interest in the overall legacy they would leave to the people they loved and the causes they supported. During the recent retreat I finally realized that I need to use appropriate and creative "tools" to help clients think through their true legacy. I'm eager to start helping clients with a whole new approach to estate planning. I know that the tools will be well-received by clients in both individual and group settings. Thank you, Scott, for "pioneering" a whole new way to do estate planning.” Jim O., Georgia

"The new tools complement and add a new depth to many of the planning techniques I previously used........We needed something to spice up and deepen our relationships with these folks and your program provided that substance.... If you are truly interested in working with your clients on a deep and significant level, I would strongly encourage you to attend the SunBridge workshop. More importantly, if you are really interested in actually implementing what you learn, I encourage you to bring a team member with you." Randy B., Florida

"I recently attended Scott’s retreat. This is a remarkable evolution of many of the core concepts of the SunBridge group. This program will be a valuable adjunct to our planning and provides another important service for our clients. It may also become an effective marketing tool to build a basis of trust and a close relationship with prospective clients as well as strengthen our existing bonds with clients and their families. This new marketing will not only serve to distinguish our approach from that of other providers offering living trusts, but will also build a good resource pool of better prospects and a good community reputation for being interested in clients. In short, this was one of the best seminars I ever have attended." Peter D., Arkansas

"In my years in SunBridge, literally all of the programs will bring this kind of response and enthusiasm, not just the Legacy Builders. SunBridge strategies and concepts now form the basis for my entire estate/business planning practice and are providing me with a wonderful, fulfilling, working (40+hours), and remunerative retirement plan. SunBridge has taught me what is truly important to people that they don’t even know is important, and how to teach them and do it. My hat is off, as always!" Steve G., Colorado

“The SunBridge Program does a superb job of providing specific tools to allow you, in your community and with individual clients, to build the reputation of helping people identify and preserve their Legacy, making you an obvious choice as a professional in your community.” David K., Michigan

"I am so very glad that I took the time to attend the SunBridge workshop. Great session! It exceeded my expectations. My time was very well-spent. It was great to see the tools that SunBridge has developed and to see those tools work so effectively. This is quite exciting!" Claude T., Kansas,

"The SunBridge Retreat is an unparalleled opportunity to truly bring value to our client's lives. The SunBridge Retreat and Network give you the mind set, the skill set, the tools and ultimately the support of your peers to help your clients discover what matters most and make it happen." Peggy H., Florida



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