How Can You Become a SunBridge 3-GEN Planner?


SunBridge is committed to becoming the national leader in 3-GEN Planning. Our mission is to guide professional advisors through the process of becoming SunBridge 3-GEN Planners. We understand what’s required to step up and take charge of one’s professional development.


This journey begins with your becoming a member of the SunBridge Network. That will open the door to our marvelous and time-tested “TRAINING – TOOLS– SUPPORT” approach to equipping professional wealth advisors to successfully navigate this new landscape.


It’s our job to help advisors shift their thinking and their perspective to achieve the new mind-set they will need to succeed in this important work. We help them develop additional capabilities so they will have the new skill-set required to operate effectively in this broader role. We equip them with a new tool-set to make their work more efficient and profitable. And we provide them a new support-set so they can make this transformation stick for the long haul.



Let us build a workshop for your group!


We’ve found it to be most effective when we work internally to help not just one person, but your whole staff. Our SunBridge Professional training is customized to our clients to yield more successful results.


We will create in-house group or one-on-one training sessions to meet your needs, including a personalized system of follow-up and implementation. Costs are variable depending on the size of the group and the time frame for the session(s). Examples of some personalized workshops and consultations we've recently done include:


  • Half-day Legacy Building Experience for an entire company (professional and administrative staff)

  • Full day Selling with Stories experience for all financial advisors within a company

  • Two day Selling with Stories experience for a group of financial advisors who work for different companies

  • Coaching, consulting, designing, estate planning, financial planning, client-engagement consultations for individual advisors

  • Full day private group workshop with Advanced Legacy tools

  • Creating a culture of Family Giving with selected families and groups

  • Using Charitable Giving as a team development, team building experience

  • Personal coaching for individual advisors

  • Strategic visioning and accountability for individual advisors

  • Scott is also a certified Time to Think facilitator, consultant, and coach. He can teach how to create more effective meetings, how to turn your office into a thinking environment, and how to inspire everyone in your organization to do their best thinking.




Let us know if you're interested in working with us to develop a training program that best fits your business - at your convenience - at your office - and on your schedule! We can also provide referrals for any of the above programs upon request. We look forward to hearing from you!



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